Hitmen in the world of drug gangs

Sicarios is a Point and Click puzzle game in which you find yourself in an unusual game world and become part of a non-trivial story about hitmen in the world of street gangs. In this classic point-and-click gameplay where you have to face interesting challenges and move further and further through of the story, complete with unique visuals, each one meticulously handcrafted. A rather brutal world awaits you, where you will have to overcome all the challenges.

Meet the main character named Breno, who lives in a slum where prostitution, drus and violence are an integral part of everyday life. The area where Breno lives is ruled by a drug gang who make their own laws and punish anyone who violates them. Here you have to help the main character deal with various complexities, and for that you need attentiveness, good reaction time and intelligence. A lot of interesting puzzles with point-and-click mechanics await you in Sicarios.

The game is available in multiple languages (translated).

Sicarios Point-And-Click Adventure Game on Android
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